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'Baaad Move!!'
  Photo taken by Valerie O'Sullivan of some sheep making life difficult for both cyclist and runner near the Molls Gap, Killarney, Co.Kerry  
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'The "I's" are keys to seizing the day. They're the ignition key that turns over the creative engine. It's the "I's" that draw from that great storehouse of talent, knowledge and experience.' ~Louis Schmier

Another "I" that is so important is the word idea. I have been at the BT Young Scientist and Technology exhibition in Dublin during the past week. The 550 amazing projects at the 2017 exhibition all started with an idea. This idea took hold, gathered pace and eventually formed a science project. The best ideas come to nothing unless nurtured and given time. We all have ideas to do something different, an idea to nourish our spiritual side, an idea to slow down, an idea to connect better with our nearest and dearest, an idea to get fitter and other ideas that we know are important. But with so many of them they drift away, fail to take root and disappear. Why not begin with one idea, give it energy, let it begin to energise you and see where it takes you.

An appropriate prayer might be the following: Lord, give me the imagination to be open to new things and ideas in my life, as I embrace this new journey through 2017. Help me to get involved in all that's good and positive, to be inspired by you and your word, to include others in all I do and the insight to see each day as a precious gift from you.

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