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'Best Friends'!!
  This photo was doing the rounds over the weekend. Definitely best friends!  
Thought For Today

The following is to to be found in the current May edition of 'The Messenger' magazine. It is called 'The Gospel as told by The Darkness' and written by Sr. Susan. It is an appropriate reflection during these weeks of Easter.

"I surrounded Jesus when he was still in his Mother's womb. I formed a quiet secure place for him during those nine months while his body was slowly knitted together. He himself was ALL LIGHT. However, he chose to surround himself with me, darkness, from the beginning. He was never afraid of the night, except during those awful hours before his death. Darkness of night seemed to be a special road in his soul where he could touch his own Godliness. In darkness, his mind created the words and stories that he used to describe what he called the 'kingdom'.

Jesus was ALL LIGHT. Nevertheless, he chose me to be his companion on his journey. I exploded with rage when I saw him on the cross and I received his lifeless body in the recesses of the tomb. I held him just as I did in his Mother's womb. I held him for three days. I held him who was ALL LIGHT. On the third day, right before dawn, I could no longer contain him.

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