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'Good Friday'
  Photo was taken in a small chapel just beside the Cistercian Abbey, Mount Mellary, Co.Waterford (Irl)  
Our photo from archives was taken looking onto a stained glass window and is most apt for today Good Friday

This photo reminds me of the sadness and starkness of Good Fiday. Normally stained glass windows are full of energy, colour and life and even though there is much colour in this window, there is still something sad and dark coming through.
Thought For Today

'The rose transmits its scent without a movement. I have a definite feeling that if you want us to experience the aroma of Christianity you must copy the rose. It irresistibly draws people to itself and the scent remains with them. A rose does not preach, it simply spreads its fragrance.' ~Mahatma Gandhi

Today is Good Friday and the rose is so symbolic of the cross. The cross is the most recognised symbol in the world. It draws you in and particularly the reason behind the cross and God's love for us. Every difficulty, worry, suffering, pain, loss, disappointment or darkness in our lives can be found on the cross at Calvary. The following prayer puts it all in perspective: I bow down before you as I see you on your cross. Held down by cruel nails, I see your arms stretched out, seeking to embrace the whole world, seeking to embrace me, seeking to love, seeking to forgive, seeking to make whole. Help me to know that because your love for me was so great, I too must love myself. I must recognise my great worth to you and that because of the cross you are with me in all the ups and downs of my life but particularly during those dark moments when little seems to makes sense.

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