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Saint of tooday
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'Winter Sunset'
  Photo was taken at Drishane, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
A low winter sun highlights a winter landscape
Thought For Today

Thought For Today is by Jane Mellett

This second Sunday of Advent we are called to make straight paths for the coming of our Lord. How we prepare is important. We are waiting, and yes waiting can be frustrating. But waiting can also be a time of growth, of inspiration, of dreaming big dreams and imagining the endless possibilities that might come. We should try not to let go of that hope and inspiration.

John appeals to the community who have gathered to open their eyes, to take the opportunity that is at hand and deal with the spiritual crisis which surrounds them. John is calling for a radical change of heart. The decisive moment is coming where people must take a new path. What can we do to help build communities where leaders produce good fruit? What can we do to respectfully challenge those who do not? Today we pray that God's Spirit enlivens our heart, our work and our world. Jane Mellet

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